Servicing the state of California, All Pest Pros specializes in the control and elimination of home pests and rodents, including the many varieties of termites.

DAMPWOOD termites do not locate their nests in the ground. They prefer wood, especially if it is damp and decaying—hence their name. These termites are most common up and down the Pacific coast, but they can also be found in the southwest and southern Florida. Dampwood swarmers, or winged termites, can be one inch long. These pests require moisture, so repairing leaks, or drainage and plumbing problems, is key to their control.

DRYWOOD termites create colonies in wood and are often found in attics. One of the two major types of termites found in North America, drywood termites are the less common, and are found mainly in Southern coastal states and the Southwest. Their calling cards are piles of tiny pellets, often found on windowsills. They can cause considerable damage.

FORMOSAN termites prefer the warm temperatures of the South. Native to East Asia, they spread throughout the U.S. on cargo shipments containing wood and cellulose goods. With very large colonies, Formosan termites are the most destructive species, capable of damaging homes, boats, and even live trees.

SUBTERRANEAN termites tunnel in large underground colonies. Workers construct tunnels to reach wood that is aboveground. Visible mud tunnels on the walls or foundation of a home can indicate an infestation. While common throughout the U.S., these termites prefer the warmer states—especially the Florida to Texas area, Nevada, and Southern California.